Richard Minor

District Attorney
Title: District Attorney
Phone: 205-338-9429
District Attorney Richard Minor

  • Cumberland School of Law 1993
  • Auburn University 1990
  • 6th Judicial Circuit (Tuscaloosa County) March 1994 to October 1995
  • Acting Attorney General, State of Alabama Post Secondary Investigation November 2006 to present
  • Assistant Attorney General, Violent Crimes Division Office of the Attorney General, State of Alabama October 1996 to October 1997
  • Assistant District Attorney and ADA Multi Agency Drug Enforcement Team 10th Judicial Circuit (Jefferson County, Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions) October 1995 to October 1996
  • Assistant District Attorney and ADA West Alabama Narcotics Unit
  • Chief Trial Attorney Office of the District Attorney 30th Judicial Circuit October 1997 to January 2005
  • District Attorney, St. Clair County - 2005 to present
  • Associate Member, St. Clair County Mayors Association
  • Board of Directors, St. Clair County Children's Advocacy Center (January 2005 to present)
  • Commissioner, Pell City Housing Authority
  • D.A.R.E. Board of Directors, Pell City, Alabama (November 2002 to present)
  • Member, Alabama Pattern Jury Instructions (Criminal) Committee
  • Member, Alabama State Bar Association
  • Member, Fraternal Order of Police, St. Clair County Lodge No. 50
  • Member, Governor's Advisory Council on Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention
  • Member, Governor's Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition
  • Member, Hannah Home Advisory Board, St. Clair County
  • Member, Leeds Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Moody Business Association
  • Member, Moody Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, National District Attorneys Association
  • Member, Pell City Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, St. Clair County Bar Association
  • Member, State of Alabama Impaired Driving Council - July 2013 to present
  • President, Alabama District Attorneys Association - July 2013 to July 2014
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Alabama District Attorneys Association - July 2011 to July 2012.
  • Vice Chairman, St. Clair County Republican Party (November 2001 to January 2004)
  • Vice President, Alabama District Attorneys Association - July 2012 to July 2013

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