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St. Clair County is located in north-central Alabama at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Its beauty is marked with wooded mountains and quiet valleys through which run sparkling streams. The eastern edge is delineated by the Coosa River. The river has two dams located in St. Clair County: the Neely Henry and the Logan Martin. The dams create backwaters offering all kinds of water sports, including fishing, boating, water skiing, sailing, swimming.

The county also has two interstate highways: Interstate 59 connecting Birmingham and Chattanooga, and Interstate 20 connecting Birmingham and Atlanta.

Pell City
The bustling city of Pell City is the industrial center of the county offering convenient shopping centers, fine dining, and motels. The civic center complex has facilities for many activities, indoor and outdoor. The adjoining lake has boating and fishing activities.

Moody, only a few minutes from Birmingham, has also become a growing industrial center. Straddling Interstate 20, Moody has large shopping centers, fine restaurants, and the largest auto auction in the Southeast.

Ashville steps back in time with many historic homes and museums. History comes alive as one walks through the mountains north of Ashville, unusual rock formations amaze visitors. It has been reported that Native Americans used the rocks as a corral for wild horses, hence its name, Horse Pens 40. Nearby is Legion Town, a replica of an old western town.

Springville has retained the old town flavor in its restored store buildings. Most of the towns of St. Clair County have the same irresistible charm of small-town living.

Southeast of Ashville is an authentic museum which recalls the year 1820 when John Looney settled in the county. He built an unusual log house with a double dog trot. A dog trot is an open-ended hall through the middle of the house. John Looney's cabin has one upstairs and one downstairs.

For those who prefer a more modern setting, the Greensport Marina is nearby. The marina offers picnicking, boating, fishing, and other water sports.

While the waters teem with fish, the forests are filled with wildlife: deer, rabbits, squirrels, quails and wild turkeys. Hunting and fishing were activities pursued by the early settlers and, today, many residents of and visitors to the county do the same.

Whether you prefer the exciting activities (motor boating, water skiing, tennis, swimming, auto drag racing) or the slower-paced (fishing, sailing, hunting, hiking, museum browsing, shopping), St. Clair County is the place to be.