Drug Court

The St. Clair County Drug Court program is designed for first time offenders in which the offender}s crimes are directly related to their drug addiction. The drug court program integrates criminal case processing} treatment services and offender accountability under the leadership of the court.

Entering Petition
Drug addicted offenders with minor criminal histories and a current Possession charge are encouraged to enter a petition to allow application to enter drug court. After a petition has been entered} it will be forwarded to the District Attorney's office for approval or denial. Those petitions approved by the District Attorney's office will be sent to the Drug Court Judge for acceptance into the Drug Court program.

The objective for completing the drug court program is to have offender}s case dismissed upon completion; however} some offender}s may not be approved for dismissal of their case.
  • Track I Drug Court - Allows offenders with minor criminal histories to have their cases dismissed upon successful completion of all Drug Court requirements. Track I Drug Court Participants must meet the approval of the District Attorney.
  • Track II Drug Court - Allows offenders to receive probation or another alternative sentence upon successful completion of Drug Court. Track II Drug Court participation requires approval of Original Judge and District Attorney.
  • Qualifications to enter Drug Court.
  • Petition to allow application into Drug Court.
  • Drug Court Application