Corrections Program

Pretrial Program
The pretrial program allows offenders that are unable to make bond an opportunity to be monitored or supervised by community corrections until their initial court appearance. The pretrial program provides an opportunity for early intervention for those offenders that are substance abusers.

Front-End Diversion
Offenders that are nonviolent and that are not eliminated by statute may be considered as candidates for being sentenced to St. Clair County Community Corrections as an alternative to incarceration in an Alabama Department of Corrections institution. If sentenced these offenders are subject to strict supervision (i.e. maintaining employment} curfew} GED classes} drug treatment classes} random drug screening} etc.)

Institutional Diversion
Offenders that meet criteria and are not eliminated by statute may be considered for early release from an Alabama Department of Corrections and end sentence in community corrections. Offenders in this category must meet the approval of the District Attorney and the sentencing Judge. All institutional diversions are placed on High Level Supervision (i.e. frequent drug testing} electronic monitoring} GPS tracking} etc.)