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February 10, 2016

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Dan Dahlke, County Engineer

County roads in St. Clair County shall be constructed, repaired and maintained as a unit without regard to district or beat lines as set out in 1971 Act No. 1728. This act also sets out the duties of the county engineer.

To request road repairs, driveway pipe, sign repairs/replacements or other road work or right-of-way work, please call the office a the number listed above.


We are having our 1-800 number canceled and it will no longer be connected as of 12/16/12. With only receiving 1 to 5 calls a month from the 1-800 line the County Commission agreed to discontinue the service as a cost saving measure. This number 1-800-339-1009 Will not be accessable after 12/16/12. You are encouraged to contact the County Engineer / Road Department at 205-594-2190

Subdivision Regulation


The developers will be required to submit a preliminary plot showing the location of right of way, the roads, curves, and grades of roads, and length and diameter (or drainage opening) of all drainage structures. Also, a legal description of the subdivision. This information shall be submitted to the St. Clair County Engineering Department prior to beginning construction of the roads. Upon review and approval, County Engineer will issue a letter to the Developer.

The Developer will submit a plot plan to the E911 director for verifying road names.

Shown below are the Specifications roads must be built to in order to be accepted by the St. Clair County Commission.

Right of way easement shall be 60' (in Cul de Sac area ROW will be 10' outside
of Cul de Sac Perimeter) or as approved by Engineer and / or County Commission. Right of way must be clear cut.

Roadway width shall be 28' from shoulder to shoulder (see attached sketch).
The base shall be minimum of 9" compacted Chert, (12" loose layer) or other approved base.

Drainage. All pipe sizes and locations for cross drains (including drainage area for each pipe) shall be submitted to the County Engineering prior to installation. Any bridge structure required must meet current standards for width and load capacity and be approved by County Engineering Department before construction.

Pavement. There will be a minimum of 20' width pavement. The pavement will consist of tar and gravel surface treatment or as approved by Engineering Department.

All Dead End roads must have an 80'diameter Cul de Sac.

The grade of the road shall not exceed 12%, and all degrees of curvature will be applicable for a minimum design speed of 40 mph. Where grades exceed 8%, the ditch lines will have rip-rap or other approved means to prevent wash.

The Engineering Department will be notified and must approve the placement of tile base course. Also, either certified density reports, coring records, and/or proof rolling will be required.

If a water source is available, a minimum 6" water line and fire plugs will be installed to assure that each lot is within the proper fire ISO requirements.

Fences shall be located off Right of Way line. A clear zone of 10 feet will be maintained from edge of pavement over cross pipes or culverts, including a minimum of 100 feet each side of structure.

Further, the St. Clair County Commission will accept said roads for maintenance and County will place double surface tar and gravel pavement upon receipt of pavement for cost of materials. The paving of the Subdivision roads will be coordinated with other County paving schedules when equipment and labor are not needed in other areas of County.

Typical Section - Subdivision Roads

1. Bituminous Treatment "JF"
2. 9" Compacted Soil/ Aggregate base

Utility Permit

1. All pipe lines and/or cables or any buried utilities shall have a minimum cover of 30" except where crossing side drainage ditches where the minimum cover shall be 24". All excavations within the right of way and not under paving shall be backfilled by tamping in 6" layers or by puddling. All surplus materials shall be removed from the right of way and the excavation finished flush with adjoining ground.

2. Where sodding is disturbed on improved roads by excavation or backfilling operation, such areas shall be replaced with mulch sodding on all slopes of 5% or less. All slopes ever 5% shall be replaced with block sodding.

3. All pipe lines and/or cables or any buried utilities crossing under existing, paved roads and cross roads within the right of way limits shall be bored, jacked or tunneled and encased. Borings, Jacking or tunneling and casing shall extend from toe of shoulder slope to toe of shoulder slope. All boring, jacking or tunneling and casing shall be done as shown by the drawing attached.

4. Where it is evident that boring is impractical due to rock or other obstruction, the County Engineer, after notification of such problems, may grant permission to open cut the paving. Where open cutting is allowed, the following conditions will be met: (a) No materials removed from the excavation is to be placed back in the cut. (b) Cut shall be backfilled with aggregate, such as S910, or with #6, #5 stone, to within 6 inches and then cold mix asphalt to the top of cut. (c) One-half of the traveled portion of the paving must be open to traffic at all times. (d) open cutting of pavement shall be done as shown in the drawing below.

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Permit for Work on Right of Way


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