Winter Storms

Winter storms occur less frequently here than in other parts of the country, but are just as dangerous when they do. Because they are not as frequent, we usually are not as prepared as we need to be. If a Winter Storm Warning is issued:
  • Prepare ahead of time. Do not wait until the storm arrives. Road conditions may prevent safe travel.
  • Have a portable radio, fresh batteries, adequate food and water, and warm clothing.
  • Check your Disaster Supply Kit and restock if needed.
  • Have available some type of safe emergency heating equipment sufficient for at least one room. Use caution, common sense and proper ventilation when using devices such as oil lamps and kerosene heaters. Never use a charcoal fire as an indoor heat source.
  • If you have no heat, close off all unneeded rooms. Wear several layers of light clothing. Place blankets or quilts over windows at night. Listen to local EAS radio and TV stations for additional instructions and information.