Avoid Travel, Shelter in Place, or Evacuate

Monitoring area radio, TV stations, or Emergency Alert Radio should be the first action you take after hearing an outdoor siren or indoor warning. Listen for details of the emergency and then activate your Emergency Preparedness Plan if necessary. Listen for road and weather conditions, Evacuation or Shelter in Place instructions. The radio and TV Emergency Alert System (EAS) stations or Emergency Alert Radio (weather radio) will give these instructions.  In addition to severe weather, there could be other types of emergencies.
  1. Area Not Named

    Your area may not be named or included in an EAS message. This means that your area is not at risk at the present time and you are not required to take any protective action except stay where you are.

  2. Evacuate

    You may be advised to evacuate your home or business for several types of emergencies, such as a hazardous materials incident or severe flooding.

  3. Shelter In Place

    Shelter in place may be the best way to protect yourself and your family from several types of dangers, including hazardous materials accidents.