St. Clair County is served by an Enhanced 911 system. The name, address and phone number of the telephone used to dial 911 is displayed on a computer screen at the 911 center.

Combining this information with questions asked of the caller, the dispatcher determines which emergency agency, or agencies, should respond to the scene. The department(s) are then notified to respond by another dispatcher. Over 95% of calls are dispatched within 90 seconds of being answered!

All areas of St. Clair County are covered by 911 service, it does not matter if you live in a city or unincorporated area, 911 will provide access to your local emergency agencies

Call 911 to report any emergency. Police, Fire or Medical. If you need help immediately, call 911. Don't waste time, call as soon as you think help is needed!

Public Education
We welcome the opportunity to have your group tour the 911 center or to send a speaker to your location. Speakers are available at no cost for your club or group. Call 205-338-9911 to arrange a speaker.
  • Speakers - Speakers can come to your location upon request. We have programs for all age groups with special prizes for the children. Call 205-338-9911 to arrange a speaker.
  • Teaching Aids and Prizes - We have materials that can be used in your class to help teach the proper use of 911.
Subdivision Plat Procedures
Review procedures for recording a subdivision plat (PDF) and how it effects E-911