1. County Commission

    Find out who serves on the Clair County Commission.

  2. County Engineer / Road Department

    Locate information on road, sign and right-of-way work as well as information on topics such as subdivision regulations and utility permits.

  3. E-911

    St. Clair County is served by an Enhanced 911 system. The name, address and phone number of the telephone used to dial 911 is displayed on a computer screen at the 911 center.

  4. Emergency Management Agency

    Access resources and services offered by the St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency.

  5. Flood Management

    The St. Clair County Flood Mitigation Program aims to provide the public with information regarding flooding status and safety measures.

  6. GIS Mapping

    GIS Mapping

  7. Information Technology

    Find helpful information from the Information Technology Department, as well as how to submit a help request.

  8. Probate Office

    The St. Clair County Probate Office offers tag renewal services for property such as vehicles, boats, and manufactured homes.

  9. Public Transportation

    St. Clair Area Transportation aims to offer safe and reliable transportation to citizens for a minimal fee.

  10. Revenue Commissioner

    View and pay property/ad valorem taxes, search tax and appraisal records, and view GIS Maps online through the County Revenue Commissioner.

  11. Sales Tax Department

    The St. Clair County Sales Tax Department is responsible for collecting sales, use, rental, and lodging taxes.

  12. Sheriff's Office

    The St. Clair County Sheriff's Office aims to provide its citizens with the highest degree of safety and law enforcement.

  13. Voter Registrars

    The St. Clair County Voter Registrars facilitate elections and provide important voter information.